HMPS are primarily know for End of Line automation for the food and beverage industry, but our skill set reaches far wider. …

An interesting Industrial Automation project recently installed for an Australian manufacturer of medical plasticware. The system included container unscrambling and orientation for …

This project required working with heavy duty corrugated board. It is packing Doypacks at a rate of 90 per minute. Cartons are erected and bottom sealed before being collected by 1 of 2 ABB robots, the cartons are loaded by a belt driving the doypacks into the carton at an angle to allow for

Shorened Electrolux Dudley Park Final Packing Automation Cell

Our client was looking to automate the application of labels to their lids. They needed something with the ability to be moved throughout the factory. Therefore, we created a stand alone labelling system, Mobile Lid Application, mounting on castors providing the ability to be used anywhere in the factory

Video of HMPS Turn Key Robotic Cell Packaging Ovens. Did you know? The Electrolux Cooking Products Plant in Dudley Park, SA has been manufacturing whitegoods continuously since 1946, and currently employs about 450 South Australians producing more than 310,000 freestanding and built-in ovens and stoves annually under the Electrolux, Westinghouse and Chef brands

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