Turn Key Robotic Cell Packaging Ovens

Video of HMPS Turn Key Robotic Cell Packaging Ovens.

Did you know? The Electrolux Cooking Products Plant in Dudley Park, SA has been manufacturing whitegoods continuously since 1946, and currently employs about 450 South Australians producing more than 310,000 freestanding and built-in ovens and stoves annually under the Electrolux, Westinghouse and Chef brands.

What is HMPS’ role in this? HMPS was selected by Electrolux to support them in their latest project – the EPS Packaging Automation cell. This video shows some detail about six ABB robots applying the final packaging components to oven assemblies ready for transport. The system automatically detects each variant as it enters the cell. The robots automatically select the packaging elements to suit the oven variant from the large capacity part magazines. Packing 1800 Electrolux units, in a standard 8 hour shift – in other words just under 4 units a minute. All of this at an overall OEE of 90%.

How was this achieved? ABB robots, reduced operator interaction, bar code scanners, automatic selection of required model variant and packaging components were part of the solution. This solution gives Electrolux the speed and flexibility they need to run just-in-time manufacturing.

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