This dual funnel bag in box machine was designed to handle 1.5L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L casks of wine. Including an octagonal carton design. The dual funnel system allows for speeds upwards of 30cpm depending on bag size

HMPS can supply an entry level robotic palletiser offering semi-automatic operation where pallet movements are handled manually by the operator. The robot will palletise to 1 pallet station. When the pallet is complete the robot will automatically move to the second pallet station. The operator removes the completed pallet and positions an new empty

Our latest wraparound case packer packing individual cans and 4 and 6 packs of bottles and cans. This machine runs at 150 bottles per minute and the carton has an internal manufacturers flap. This machine can be built on a very short lead time

Wraparound casepacker packs tubs with developed fault finding doors, that indicate the status of the machine: All green, running. Green and orange flashing, attention required, i.e. low cartons in magazine. Red and orange flashing, fault and zone for fault indicated by location of flashing. Available now on all HMPS machines

HMPS Wraparound Casepacker Packing Bags of Coffee

HMPS5000, an automatic casepacker, collate and pack inner cartons of Hot Chocolate sticks into wraparound cases. HMPS5000 has the capability to pack product of the same shape with height variation of 31 mm. The unique feature of this machine is its flexibility in packaging various sizes

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