Wraparound Casepacker Packing Tubs of Soup

Ship those soups and sauces outta here! Our customer in the food manufacturing industry needed a packaging solution for their tubs of soup and sauces. Our wraparound casepacker had to take the following packaging variations into consideration:

* Seven different tub weights, ranging from 300g to 800g.

* Three different tubs size diameters.

* The speeds at which these different tubs come off the production line range from 55 to 150 items a minute.

The final touch was getting these tubs of soups and sauces into cartons ready for shipping without creating any bottlenecks. The tubs are transferred onto our wraparound casepacker infeed conveyor where they are driven into grouping scrolls. The grouping scrolls accurately position multiple tubs for pick up. The scrolls remove any tub on tub accumulation ensuring each tub is in the correct position for pick up. The dual arm 2-axis delta robot will then pick the row of tubs via a vacuum gripper and place them in a collation station. The cycle is repeated to create a stack of tubs 2 layers high. The collation of tubs is then pushed from the collation station onto the collation conveyor via a servo driven pushing plate.

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