RSC Casepacker Packing Flow Wrapped Flatbreads

The HMPS 6000 is an adjustable RSC casepacker designed to pack flatbreads into RSC cases. HMPS was commissioned to build a machine which could automate the primary, secondary packaging and palletizing. The customer needed flatbreads of 4 different sizes to be packed into 5 different sized stacks. The HMPS 6000 has a cycle rate of up to 110 packs per minute. ABB Flex Picker Robots were used because of their speed and reach. The product is delivered to flex pickers via infeed conveyors. Top infeed conveyor feeds flex picker 1 and 3. Alternatively, bottom infeed conveyor feeds flex pickers 2 and 4. Each robot loads only one loading station (ie. Flex picker 1 loads product into station 1 only).

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