collaborative robotics videos

HMPS – YuMi vs Rubik’s Cube

See the video YuMi, the robot, vs Rubik’s Cube. ABB’s robot, YuMi, is one of a new breed of “cobots”. These collaborative robots are designed to be safe enough to be around people. This opens up avenues for humans and robots to work together more closely, a scenario not previously possible with standard industrial

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HMPS and Yumi the ABB Robot, solving manufacturing puzzles

YuMi the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot has arrived. See the video shows HMPS and Yumi work together solving manufacturing puzzles. HMPS offer robotic solutions for picking, packing, palletising and warehousing. We have been working closely with our robotic partners ABB and are now able to offer a new era of robotic co-workers

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