Robotic Vegetable Tray Loading System for Punnets

Another new product from HMPS. This robotic tray loading system can handle a range of punnet styles, sizes, and weights. Punnet styles include flow wrapped trays. Top sealed trays and clamshell punnets. Weight ranges from 200g up to 1kg. Speeds for smaller variants up to 180 packs/minute.

The six axis ABB robot with quick change vacuum grippers allows for multiple tray counts and configurations. The system can pack into either standard cardboard retail trays and or RPC plastic crates. Trays or crates can be supplied from external equipment, or we can include an integrated magazine, tray dispensing system for a complete packing solution.

Filled trays are conveyed to the HMPS Robotic Palletiser. The palletiser includes an integrated gripper designed specifically to handle stackable cardboard trays and plastic crates.


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