HMPS5000 Wraparound Casepacker for Tubs

This HMPS5000 Wraparound Casepacker was designed and built by HMPS for one of our customers in the dairy industry. It was designed to enable the packing of various sizes and shapes of tubs of dairy products. In this particular design we had to take into consideration that the design of tub lids would not allow for the use of vacuum grippers. Multi-finger grippers were used to grip onto the body of the tubs so that lids would not be dislodged during the packing process.

This HMPS5000 Wraparound Casepacker has been built with full wash down capability.

A range of tub sizes can be packed: 150 gram, 180 gram, 250 gram, 300 gram, 450 gram, 500 gram and 950 gram.

Tub Configurations: 6 to 18 packs. Single and multiple layers (without vacuum)

Tub Speed: Up to 100 tubs per minute.

Carton Speed: Up to 22 cartons per minute.

Carton Size Range:

  • Length: 220mm to 450mm
  • Width: 150mm to 350mm
  • Height: 80mm to 300mm

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