Carton Erecting & Sealing Videos

RSC Casepacker Packing Flow Wrapped Flatbreads

The HMPS 6000 is an adjustable RSC casepacker designed to pack flatbreads into RSC cases. HMPS was commissioned to build a machine which could automate the primary, secondary packaging and palletizing. The customer needed flatbreads of 4 different sizes to be packed into 5 different sized stacks. The HMPS 6000 has a cycle rate of

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HMPS Wraparound Case Packer for Boxes of Cake Mixture

HMPS developed a Wraparound Case Packer for boxes to automate the packaging of a variety of cake mixes. The process involves minimal operator involvement, while adhering to the health requirements of the food and beverage industry. The challenge in this particular project was the number of variables the machines had to deal with

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HMPS Bag In Box With Integrated VFFS

HMPS 1000 is a machine with integrated VFFS. It is designed to erect, load and seal an RSC carton containing a 2kg bag of cream cheese. Of particular interest in this project is the system integration. This video shows the bag in box that HMPS designed. It integrated their end of line packaging to work

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HMPS RSC Carton Erector

The HMPS 2030 RSC Carton Erector is designed to erect and glue the bottom of standard RSC Cartons. Constructed from heavy walled stainless steel RHS tube fully welded torsional frame, welded joints that are continuous to eliminate the possibility of water ingress and bacteria growth and heavy duty sealed bearings eliminating maintenance for life

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CE03 HMPS2000 Carton Erector

The HMPS2000 Carton Erector offers an effective method of producing and sealing RSC cartons for end of line automation. The machine is constructed in stainless steel and is capable of erecting a wide variety of case sizes, types and materials. This machine seals the flaps with tape and integrates well with manual or robotic

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